7 Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil: Reduce Anxiety, Relief From Pain and More!

The CBD oil market has been growing in popularity in the past 6 years or so and is sold all around the world. Although it was only recently legalised in the UK in 2018, now, the CBD industry in the UK is worth £700 million that is expected to exceed 1 billion pounds in 2025. 

Due to its healing properties, the demand for cannabidiol (CBD) for health and wellness purposes is high which is the major factor driving its market growth.

CBD is known for its many benefits and uses which can support any area of your wellbeing, whether it's physical or mental health. 

In this blog post, we'll be taking a closer look at the remarkable benefits that CBD oil provides us!

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1. Relieves numerous types of pain.

A study by the National Academies of Sciences in Washington DC found considerable evidence that CBD can benefit adults with chronic pain.

CBD increases the body's levels of anandamide, a fatty acid neurotransmitter involved in pain management, which helps to decrease pain sensation and boost mood.

Other research has shown that CBD oil can also alleviate migraines, arthritic pain, neuropathic pain and multiple sclerosis! The results are promising but more research is needed to verify these conclusions.

2. Improves insomnia.

As we explained above, CBD can provide ease pain, which is a common cause of insomnia.

Not only this but CBD has also been found to improve daytime grogginess, support falling asleep and also minimise waking up during the night!

Cortisol, the stress hormone, generally peaks in the morning for most people but people with insomnia have been found to have higher cortisol levels at night. This has been linked to disrupted sleep by frequently awaking during the night.

Cortisol levels decreased more significantly in participants who took 300 or 600 mg of CBD oil, according to one study that researched the effects of CBD. This suggests that cortisol release is inhibited, allowing those who suffer with insomnia to have a more restful sleep.

Although numerous studies demonstrate that CBD oil may be a great way to reduce the severity of insomnia, in many cases the results fluctuate over time after starting CBD oil.

In some cases, effects diminish over time, so patients may need to switch up their dosage periodically.


3. Provides relief from inflammation.

CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects on arthritis, according to preclinical animal research.

Another study analysed the effect of CBD gel on rats with inflammation in the joints. The results showed a decrease in inflammation and pain! Although the studies on animals are promising, more human studies need to completed to certify these results.

CBD also has anti-oxidative properties, so it can reduce systematic inflammation by fighting oxidative stress.

CBD also effects our endocannabinoid system (ECS) which regulates crucial processes in the body. When inflammation is sensed by the body, our ECS sends out endocannabinoids (naturally occurring lip-based neurotransmitters) that bind to cannabinoid receptors to relieve pain.

CBD does not bind to cannabinoid receptors, but rather stimulates the function of them. This means that CBD can positively effect our body's nervous system which results in pain relief!

Due to CBD's anti-inflammatory effects, it also lowers pro-inflammatory cytokines in the body which stimulate an immune response in the body. This prevents inflammation and helps inflammatory disease (where inflammation occurs by mistake).

So, CBD can improve pain and also decrease inflammation - wow!

4. Supports anxiety and depression.

As we mentioned earlier, CBD can positively effect the endocannabinoid system but the ECS doesn't only regulate inflammation but also immune response, appetite, memory and our mood.

Anxiety and depression are symptoms of an endocannabinoid system that isn't operating at peak efficiency.

Experts argue that CBD influences a specific cannabinoid receptor that is largely found in the brain, CB1 receptor.

The CB1 receptor is believed to help in controlling the impact of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulating mood. This is also the way antidepressants work, by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

A study published in the Permanente Journal found that 79% of its subjects experienced a decrease in anxiety, this explains why anxiety is one of the most popular reasons people use CBD oil!

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5. Enhances skin health.

Many people have turned to CBD products because of the improvement they make on skin inflammation and breakouts!

Its antimicrobial properties and ability to prevent excess sebum also make CBD an effective solution against acne. Researchers have shown that CBD not only prevents acne but also minimises acne scars.

As the source of CBD oil is a plant, it doesn't come as a shock that it is a rich source of antioxidants! Antioxidants combat free-radical damage and so by applying CBD products such as our CBD Hydrating Facial Serum and CBD Moisture Remedy Day Cream to the skin, skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin tone are all improved!

Due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can alleviate symptoms such as flaky and itchy skin that arise from skin conditions as well as soothe eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis!

6. CBD oil is good to your heart. 

CBD's anti-inflammatory properties also benefit your heart!

Inflammation is linked to heart disease, including stroke, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. It becomes more difficult for the heart to pump blood throughout the body when inflamed blood vessels exist.

A study has found that CBD creates a protective effect on the heart whilst others show that since CBD supports healthy blood flow and lowered inflammation in blood vessels and arteries.

The result is less strain on the heart and ultimately a decrease in risk for heart disease!


7. A natural therapy for diabetes. 

The positive effects that CBD oil can have on diabetes are reduced inflammation and enhanced blood glucose control.

CBD has been shown in studies on human cells to help counteract the harmful effects of high glucose levels on other cells in the body, which is a typical precursor to diabetes and other diseases.

CBD was recently found to help patients with diabetes and plaque accumulation in artery walls. With further research, CBD could have significant benefits for these individuals.

Another study gave patients who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and were not on insulin treatment a placebo (instead of insulin) and CBD. The results showed that CBD reduced resistin in the body which is a small protein that regulates glucose and resists insulin.

Levels of Glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptideis (GIP) were also increased. This is a hormone produced by the small intestine and is released in response to ingesting food. Its primary function is to assist the body in releasing insulin into circulation, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Compared to their levels of resistin and Glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptideis prior to starting the test, the ability for CBD to decrease resistin and increase GIP are promising signs.

It suggests that CBD oil and help control insulin-related hormones and so could be used as a natural remedy for diabetes!

Now You Can See What CBD Can Do!

There are so many benefits to CBD, and we hope that you've learnt something new about this incredible natural oil!

We’ve only scratched the surface in this blog post by looking at just seven of its benefits - trust us, there are many more!

If you want more information about CBD or are interested in trying it out yourself, we recommend exploring our collection of CBD products at Harrogate Organics.

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